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UK Mobility Scooters are here to help give guidance and offer help in finding and deciding on a mobility scooter in Rutland. There are many mobility scooter shops and suppliers in Rutland area. This is why UK Mobility Scooters have put together a detailed listing of the mobility scooter shops in Rutland.

This information should help you to find a shop that will meet your needs, Whether you are looking for a new or used mobility scooter, cheep mobility scooter, deluxe or quality mobility scooter or a mid priced mobility scooter. Not everyone is interested in buying a new mobility scooter so shops that deal in second hand mobility scooters are also listed. Also, included are shops providing the service of renting and hiring mobility scooters in Rutland.

Advice on mobility scooters in Rutland

Know your price range when looking for a mobility scooter in Rutland.

Like cars, mobility scooters vary greatly in price. You may be able to find a mobility scooter in Rutland for under £500, but will it meet your needs? Cheap mobility scooters will tend to be small with a low weight limit; it could only have a short range. If you are require a heavy duty mobility scooter or a mobility scooter with a long range you may well struggle to find one for under £500. You may find that you will need to be looking for a second hand mobility scooter. There are plenty of suppliers of used mobility scooters in Rutland. However, finding one at a good cheap price may well be down to the good luck of finding a supplier that happens to have a used, best value, mobility scooter available on the day.

Know your needs when looking for a mobility scooter in Rutland.

Mobility scooter suppliers in Rutland supply all kinds of mobility scooters; Light weight mobility scooters, portable mobility scooters, luxury mobility scooters, deluxe mobility scooters, heavy duty mobility scooters, mobility scooters for used indoors and outdoors, roadworthy mobility scooters, midsized (midi) and heavy mobility scooters.

Have a clear understanding of what you want from your mobility scooter.

Do you have a minimum weight requirement for your mobility scooter? What distances do you want to be able to travel on your mobility scooter? Is your mobility scooter to be use on the road? What speed mobility scooter do you want? Does it need to be portable mobility scooter for transport in a car? How much can you afford? Under £500, under £1000, under £2000? How much per month to hire or rent a mobility scooter?

You should have a clear understanding of the above questions before contacting a mobility scooter supplier in Rutland.

Mobility Scooters in Rutland

Mobility Scoters in Rutland

Oakham Mobility & Healthcare Ltd
9 Melton Rd
LE15 6AX
Tel: 01572 755204

Patient Handling UK Ltd
P.O Box 8356
LE15 0BD
Tel: 0800 0836071